Our paradise day away

Today we rose at a starling 5:00am to make the 6:00am bus departure. Most of us fell promptly back asleep right when the took off. I drifted off into a light sleep, and when I opened my eyes we were descending into the low lands of Puenta Arenas. We got closer and closer to the ocean, and finally got to the calypso restaurant and dock. We ate a yummy breakfast at the cafe, and headed onto the boat. The boat was furnished with two mini pools and two lounge nets on the front, and a shaded bar area underneath the deck. The energetic crew played music, served us various fruits, and gave us information about the passing landmarks and islands as we ventured to Isla Tortuga. Finally we arrived to the beautiful and secluded island. WOW!!

Was this a dream? It felt like a scene out of a movie. The island was small and just barley furnished with an outside seating area, a gift shop, and beach activities. We all were amazed. Firstly we geared up for snorkeling. A group of us took a couple boats out to a nearby rock, where there was a coral reef, and hoped right in! I swam around the rock several times, sighting schools of fish, big colorful fish, and vibrant green and orange smaller fish. My favorite part of the scuba was coming close to a fish that was mostly black with a white strip down the middle. His body was lined with vibrant blues and oranges. I was mostly surprised with how close he got to me, and how we swam together for about 15 minuets. It was very cool.

We got back to the island and had an amazing lunch of chicken, salad, and other adorning sides. The small crew of 3 musicians played a bongo and a xylophone (regge style), as we enjoyed a resting lunch under the trees. After lunch, we played some volleyball on the courts, and when the majority of the group left for banana boating, I got to play 2 man with a worker, my roommate, and a very active elderly man. It was a competitive match! So much fun!

The rest of the day I waded in the water, relaxed, and drank a giant coconut. The day wasn’t anything less then the exact image of paradise. By far this was one of the best days. I can’t believe were leaving in two days. I don’t want to go. Some part of me has found something meaningful and magical here. Some part of me wants to explore, learn, and travel Costa Rica until I know and see everything. Anyways, we shall see what our last day in San Jose brings.

Pura Vida, what a sweet life….

Maggie Niemann

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