Peacing together Costa Rica! ✌?

Although I wasn’t necessarily excited for today, it surprised me nicely! I was eager to hear the professor talk about conversations that were happening inside the peace walls. Topics about food security, climate change, and other intriguing world topics were filling the air after he spoke. I couldn’t get enough of what he and the Dean had to say about the school. I am eager to look further into their programs.

What was most incredible was when they said they align the program with the 17 sustainability goals of the UN. I spent the last summer implemented sustainability lessons that I created and adopted to children in Asia that revolved around those goals. I am delighted to see that this is a foundation that others are being taught upon.  The image below illustrates the goals.

Cannot wait to find out more about Peace University as an option for my masters ?

Peace out, Costa Rica! ✌

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