Piggie, Piggie, Piggie can’t you see

Today was ok. It was the latest wake up we have had yet at 7:30am then we headed down to breakfast which for me was basically fruits which I don’t mind. Afterward we went on a ranch tour which was spectacular. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but a huge way of being sustainable is producing many of the things you consume yourself. They had chickens and pigs on site. I got to hold both a chick & 1 week old piglet.


There were pigs for all different reasons, some outside simply for reproduction, others that were mid sized for slaughter and then mother pigs with young piglets. I loved that they raised them all themselves for all purposes. We also got to smell just about every plant we passed including lemongrass, lemon which smelled like fruit loops and anise which in my country is used for bread and porridge. After we came back and had lunch then had a talk with the owner of the ranch. It went on for a really long time. Afterward I took a really long nap and came down for a late dinner (which is really early for me) and as I attempt to write my blog post they keep playing reggae and soca which is music from my country and I stop to dance every 5 minutes. My favorite night by far I feel like I’m home.

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