Pizza and a love story

As  like every day when you got up to do breakfast.  Today we had an unexpected visitor, a monkey! This little guy was eating bananas off of statues outside our window while we were eating.

After that delightful experience I went outside and even got to give the monkey an actual banana which he took from me very reluctantly I might add.  After this we went up to a trail near the Monteverde preserve and walked around a lot looking at plants and even a waterfall.  Soon after we went for some lunch at a pizzeria where I had a ham pizza which was actually very very good. Then came a true High Point of the day with a talk  from a Quaker man. Marvin Rockwell  Ellis traded us on his life his experiences and even on how he met his wife of 56+ years.  Everybody’s heart melted at their story and to add to this they had various cats all around the property. I’m looking forward to the dinner tonight and tomorrow we go to the beach I hope it’s a really good day.

Jose E. Romero


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