Rancho Margot ?

Today we learned the history and methods of Rancho Margot. The ranch is almost completely self sustainable and runs on only renewable energy. They grown almost all their own food including vegetables, chicken, dairy, and pork. All the animals are fed only organic foods and the gardens don’t use any chemicals. They use the waste of the cows for compost which then is used as fertilizer. They also few rid of a lot of cut down plants by feeding them to the animals. The feces of the animals are used to create methane to power the ranch. The wifi is powered by solar panels and the cleaning products are all organically made using recycled materials from the ranch.
We got to experience the farm hands on. We smelt many different fragranced leaves and hold baby animals! Being so close to the food we’re eating makes me appreciate every step put into it. It takes so much work to provide for ourselves but we have it easy and take all this for granted. We need to understand what it means to sustain ourselves and be connected to the things that live with us on this earth. 

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