Rancho Margot, I love you so! ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILIA


Today was our first full day at Rancho Margot. It was truly amazing! I started off the day rising at 6:30 am, waking up for the 7:00am yoga class. It was a tad difficult to find my way through the twisty curvy trails, those that I had no familiarity to, to find the yoga studio. Finally, I find it and its breath taking. This studio was structured on a hill, right next to the rushing river. It was a very clean, open to the outside, and they had ready yoga mats for us to use. The session was intimate and a very good way to start the day. I was smiling the entire way to breakfast J


After breakfast, we went straight to our tour of the ranch. Carlos our tour guide began by showing us the trails and vegetation around the housing. We then ventured up into the chicken coop, where we saw the cutest baby chicks. We than continued to see pigs, cows, and sheep. Something interesting I observed was the cows manure didn’t smell at all, in fact it looks very clean and compost ready. This is a direct affect of their organic grass feed diets. It was quite amazing to see the way the animals were feed and to compare and contrast that to the farms I have seen in USA. After this we visited the organic farm and saw the green house and the outdoor medicinal garden. The tour of the grounds really grew my appreciation for the property.


After this we had lunch, and listened to a talk with Juan the owner of the Ranch. He instilled upon us the idea to keep pursuing our vision of a better future and a better world. He really emphasized the importance of putting energy into the quality of the property and the workers. I really liked the way the ranch acts as a community and integrates education as a main focus of the ranch. Their work with the local community to promote education out does any obligation they have or don’t have.


During the afternoon, I took another yoga class with the second yoga instructor. This yoga session was more body intensive and I enjoyed my workout. Dinner was great, drinks were great, and I fell in love with this place a little…


Pura Vida!


Maggie Niemann

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