Renewing my adventure licence! (Jan. 4th, post)

7 months ago I embarked on what I thought would be the adventure of a LIFETIME! It evolved me consuming chicken feet, spending 8hrs with 3 year olds a day, and sharing experiences with 9 other students in Asia.  (see photos below) I also enjoyed taking a photo occasionally of Tiffany taking photos of herself.

That was an adventure of a lifetime, but now that that has passed I have a new adventure that I am so eagerly looking forward to! In a few short days, I will be adventuring to Costa Rica! Hopefully, I can add to my “engaging with the locals” experiences.  As much as I enjoyed trying chicken feet, I personally would not feel that my life was not fulfilled if I never get that opportunity again. I do hope that my heart is able to be touched the way that the children in the above captures touched my heart for the few days that I was in Zhuhai, China, but time will tell! Eager for the next journey of a LIFETIME!!






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