Reserving this blog post for Monteverde

Reserving this blog post for Monteverde!

We spent time today exploring the Monteverde Reserve and it was a enjoyable way to start the day! Adriana knows so much!! While on our hike through the reserve, I heard a lot of pretty sounds that were foreign to my ears. One that was particularly pretty in song, was the black backed something or other that Adrianna pointed out. Upon hearing that the bird had multiple songs, I was eager to hopefully hear more as we made our way further on in the reserve.

At the end of one trail, we located a beautiful waterfall and there we all took photos of our ourselves and the waterfall. It was a nice resting stop. After we made our way out of the reserve, we then got to explore the town!! I found a few last minute items that my niece and nephew will enjoy! I bought my little nice of 7 years of age, a cute little backpack that she could use for fun, and for my nephew of 2, an adorable little monkey that he could have with for enjoyment.

After our hour running around the stores in town, we went to visit the oldest living Quaker in Monteverde! He was the cutest old man ever, and still so full of like even at 94! His story was heartwarming, but the love he shared with his wife really was the most beautiful of things to experience. The love that they shared was radiating off of them as they communicated about how they met and how it all began. Really touched my heart and really, I almost she’d a happy eldest for them. Out of this world beautiful!

That’s it for tonight gang! Monteverde, our time together was short but every moment was lovely. Thanks for welcoming me with open arms. Now to the next adventure!


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