Small Insights at CATIE and Farm

If I were to explain this day to a Psychology major, I would say that it was full of small insights.

We learned about the CATIE grad school program and honestly it felt nice to be in a class room that resembled Whittier. (It might be that I’m getting a bit homesick) The professor or should I say researcher from CATIE reminded me of one of the Spanish professor back in Whittier as well. It was nice to hear about a grad school program without people asking and telling me what I want to do with my life. As a senior who is soon to graduate in May, I am asked constantly “Are you going to go to grad school?” and my answer is always yes. I plan to go to grad school but not right after I graduate. I want to take year off before I go to grad school. It was nice to hear what actually happens in a graduate school program because it reminded me that Whittier has given me, through my double major, the foundation that I will need then. It might be different from the ones in the United States but I think that it made me realize that I really, really want to do research in my field.

Another moment of realization was when we saw all the animals. The animals are so beautiful, I don’t want to hurt them. The piggies were so big and it made me think that these pigs are so big because they are meant to be eaten. They should be free to do want they want. I’ve seen a pig before but I think that being in this beautiful country where they try to keep everything as natural as possible has made me reflect about eating animals. I will try to be a more conscious eater and try to reduce the amount of meat I consume. I’m sure that it will also be good for my health.

Overall today was a day of reflection.

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