So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

The day I’ve been dreading since the start of this journey, the final night at Costa Rica 🙁

I feel like yesterday was our final day because we spent it in paradise all together and got all emotional but I have a feeling tonight I will cry too. It has become such a family that it feels like I am leaving my family behind. But before I get too emotional I would like to talk about this day.

We started the day by leaving hotel park inn and going to University for Peace and had an englightening talk with a professor and dean of students. My favorite quote I took from the lecture was “See the world as your body, love the world as your own self, and you can be trusted to care for all things” – Lao tzu. That quote really got to me because I think people view the earth as a commodity that we can exploit but once we see ourselves as equals, as one, we can make change for the better. It was also cool that UPeace is a school of the United Nations so diversity is at an all time high even though it is a small school. 

After UPeace we went to a delicious lunch that consisted of rice, salad, potatoes. Since committing to veganism, I’ve learned to appreciate every type of food I can eat. After the lunch we went to a local sugar cane processing center run by a little family. Jehan’s dream was finally coming true, he had sugar cane juice He was so happy?

It was funny that everyone on this trip was waiting for the moment Jehan tried his sugar cane juice and it was pretty hyped up. We also had raw sugar cane pieces that we chewed on and got the juice from and that was delicious too. I didn’t care much for the sugar cane juice it was a little too sweet for me. 

After saying goodbye to sugar cane “factory”, we went to el encanto de la piedra blanca. It was a little middle aged man who made these huge paper machete puppets that little kids put on and danced it. Our classmates put them on and started dancing and it was a hilarious sight. After leaving the little man and his family of paper machete, we went back to the hotel and said goodbye to Beto? We made him get snapchat so we could keep in contact. When we got to the hotel we had dinner and said goodbye to Adriana and I appreciated all that she did for us and tolerated us when we were acting like children and overall such a good person. I hoped we would have had the forum to talk about what we learned and took from the trip but I can just write it here 🙂 

I think that many of my classmates could relate to the horrible question of “what are you majoring in” and “what will you do with that” at family dinners. Every time I’m asked that question I proudly answer I’m studying environmental science to make a change. But then they throw me the what do you want to do after college and I just shrug my shoulders and stay quite. After coming to Costa Rica studying here, I have a much better idea of what I want to do with my degree. Living in the US I get discouraged and disempowered about my studies because you don’t really hear about sustainability and environmental science isn’t a popular degree to earn. But coming here I realized how important sustainability is. The country is literally running on environmentalism and a sustainable agenda. Seeing this really inspired me and made me proud of the education I’m receiving and the program I am in. Even though I am small in the US, I know my studies are important and appreciated in Costa Rica. When I saw that the county is run on sustainability, I told myself I could bring this to the United States. I can be the change because “it’s starts with one”. 

I’m leaving my heart in Costa Rica, but I’ll come back for it soon enough❤️

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