Sun kissed skin and sandy toes

We have reached the last few days of our journey here in Costa Rica and my heart is heavy. 

Today was the perfect day to put an end to the paradise we have been in. We left our previous hotel and took a boat to the tortuga islands to spend the day at the beach. The island we went to is a protected reserve and the people running it follow a highly sustainable agenda. The island is actually not a “hotel” or anything like that. The guests come and go and the workers who run the ecotourism (5 people) live there so it is completely protected. When we got to the island we started off with a snorkeling tour! It was amazing swimming through all the beautiful fish and seeing the ecosystems. The tour guide would throw pieces of bread around us so the fish would literally surround us completely and it was such a beautiful sight. I wish I could have taken a picture. We then relaxed a little and swam around in the warm beautiful water. After that we played a little volleyball and went on a banana boat ride which is literally a banana shaped floaty that throws you into water. I did not enjoy that one quite as much as snorkeling with the fishies. After that we enjoyed the remaining time we had in the water and playing in the sand. 

Today by far was one of my favorite days. I love this country and I love the people I’m touring with and I love my environmental science program. I’ve never been in a class where I’ve enjoyed the company as much as right now. I hope once we go back we still keep in touch and have as much fun as we did during this trip. Learning all that I have here just makes me even more excited about my future studies and have definitely shaped me into a better me. 

You have my heart Costa Rica❤️

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