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So here is pretty much my story of today.

I met bunny and dog and horse and pig and snake. Period

But since its a blog, I have to tell little more about it.

We firstly headed to CATIE and had an explanation of how CATIE as an institution works, which I found similarities with EARTH university in size, diversity and goals.

I personally enjoyed cacao collection and farm part more. I just love animals, and also snakes. We had a chance to see poisonous snake that plantation workers captured. It was small as you can see in the picture above so did not amazed me much, but still it was fantastic to see a rare wild animal. The farm had horses, bunnies, pigs and sheep for different purposes. They had beef cow, too, but since they are located too far away from there, we could not see them, which really made me sad.

In the coffee section of the farm, numerous amount of coffee beans were selected by HANDS, which was highly impressive for me. I probably have to think about it each time before I go to Starbucks, I’m addicted to Starbucks so. And also, I was wondering about their wages. Considering the fact that Costa Rica have cheaper price in everything, their minimum wage might be significantly low, which likely to maximize their total revenue. It might be great business to start in the future.


I am hyper excited for new lodge that we will spend tomorrow night, but not for my presentation of it.


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