The Killer Plane Ride

After being delayed for a good hour and a half me any my fellow students finally were able to board a cramped airplane. A small comfort on the plane was that there were many many free movies to watch. All was going well, till the captain announced, “Is there a doctor on board we have a medical emergency!” We all freaked out and started looking all over and the situation was happening at the back of the plane. We are still not sure what happened, but it involved an oxygen tank and most likely a woman. We made it to our destination and got a shuttle ride to the hotel. This place is actually very nice; Hotel Park Inn to be exact. The food is great and the accommodations were a very welcome surprise. What really surprised me was how “green” this hotel is. There are light sensors, special valves on all the sinks, and even an effort to conserve electricity with your roomy functioning as a light switch. We woke up to a delicious breakfast and are of to EARTH University!!!


Jose E. Romero

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