These feet were made for walking….

`Today was our first real expedition in Costa Rica. We ventured out on a two hour bus ride to get to Earth University. This school is incredibly advanced in terms of their environmental approach and research, On our way to this university we passed the Cloud Forest which was another site to behold. On our day at Earth University we talked about many things from various speakers. We started the day with David and his introduction to this school. After that we all went to various presentations including, waste management, landfills, and organic farming.

My favorite part of the day was seeing the 50+ chickens in a closed off area near the organic farm. But a close second, was the disposal of the biohazard material and how they do it. They take all of the material they cannot Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle and they put it into an 8 meter hole. After it is filled they lock it in concrete, and move onto another hole. this was very interesting to me because I had never seen waste disposed of like this. The organic farm was also a site to behold:

With so many forms of farming produce, it was a truly eye-opening experiencing. There were plants in styrofoam, soda bottles serving as a fence, and a punching bag filled with soil and plants. I am truly lucky to be able to spend a day here!

We are off tomorrow morning for more adventures

Jose E. Romero

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