Tirimbina and more travel

Tirimbina and more travel

Today we started our day by separating into the two groups. As part of the environmental science group we went to Tirimbina Rainforest Center. We learned that Tirimbina has won many awards/certification for their preservation of the Rainforest and ability to recycle and be environmentally friendly. They showed us their water management center in which they get rid of all harmful material in order to be able to return the water to the river. After so many days of green wonderful beauty, I feel like it never gets old. Every time we go into a rainforest we always see different animals. Today we were able to see a bat and how they work with their Rainforest environment to build themselves a home that they can sleep in during the day.

After that we hit the road and started our trip to Arenal. It was nice to be able to sit in a real restaurant as opposed to our usual hotel settings. Once we got to Arenal we were able to see at least a portion of the volcano. Our hike was very nice and I loved seeing the lava path. It was cool too to be able to see how nature grows back after it destroys itself.


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