To new heights!

To new heights!

Today was an adventure to say the least! It began with a usual bus ride to our designated destination after breakfast, and that’s where the ENVS and CHLD courses parted ways. From there the ENVS group, which I am happily apart of, got to explore the rainforest of Tirimbina. During our exploration, we found various mystical vines, a couple ant trails, and other little nature creatures. I found the most joy when towards the end of our exploration when we found a bat nestled in on the back of a leave up high in the tree tops.


What also was enjoyable during our time at Tirimbina was walking on the longest connector bridge of Central America! It made a few people consider their the entire span of life, and others consider the best angle to take a selfie. It made me really our appreciate this experience even more. It made me feel adventurous and exploration; I felt like Dora!!! These days are going by fast and I am going to really miss the time spent with these oddballs! ?✌


On to new adventures in this glorious land!

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