Today really zipped by

Wow what a day! Today we did not do much yet it feels like we did so much! We started off the day by leaving Rancho Margot. It was a bitter sweet goodbye. I had a really great time with the tour of the ranch and the late night festivities of dancing to old time music. And the bunk beds were not too bad either. I will definitely miss the cute piglets and the friendly bartenders. 

After leaving Rancho Margot we went to lunch and I had a delicious vegan Casado meal and I was highly impressed with it. We then went on to our adventure of ziplining!! It so scary yet so exhilarating. The views were amazing I was flying over trees and clouds. At one point I really think I flew through a cloud haha. Some of the lines were scarier than others because the wind was so strong that it was swaying me right to left and I wasn’t prepared. I really enjoyed the paired ziplining because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone and made me more relaxed. It was funny seeing and hearing people’s reaction (aka Sofias screams). I would definitely want to go ziplining again so maybe next trip will be in Hawaii ziplining ? 

After the ziplining we came to our new destination Fonda Vela. It is a beautiful location with amazing rooms and amazing views and delicious food. The pool was so relaxing and the food they made us for dinner was delicious. I’m looking forward to the adventures of tomorrow! 

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