(volca)NO way I won’t have fun

I would have to say that today was more of a relaxing day than compared to the other days. We went to the La Tirimbina Reserve today. Walking through another reserve in Costa Rica was one more mind blowing experience. Not only was there natural beauty everywhere I looked, but there was so much untouched biodiversity. We were able to walk across one of the longest suspension bridges in Costa Rica that brought us to the actual reserve. There, we were able to see ginormous trees, as well as worker ants, building their colony. One thing that really stood out was the little houses that bats make. I learned that bat will bite on one part of a big leaf’s stem so that it would dangle down. A collection of big dangling leaves would then create a little house for the bats during the day.

The reason I added ‘volcano’ to the title was because the highlight of today was our visit to the Arenal Volcano. Adrianna led us on a short tour around the base of the volcano. We were able to see breathe taking pictures and walk at our own pace. It was very relaxing and enjoyable because of the pictures we were able to take.

All around, a great day!!!!

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