Water-Fallin in love with this place

What we had in store for today:

The Monteverde reserve was created in 1972 as a non profit with all funds aimed to preserve the area and other reserves in the surrounding areas with a goal to better understand tropical rainforests. Over 10,000 are protected here where 550 species of birds, 2500 insects, 3000 plants, and 500 different kinds of orchards can be found! There was also a hummingbird gallery right outside of the entrance to the reserve where we got to stand among hundreds of hummingbirds flying right past us and getting up close while they fed on the sugar water! I learned that there is specific kinds of sugar that should be fed to hummingbirds to ensure they do not get too “addicted” to it and move away from pollinating as well as keeping them from getting obese; which surprisingly is a problem among hummingbirds!

We then got to meet one of the 5 (out of 44) living founders of monte verde, Martin BLANK. At the age of 94 he gave his full life story as a teenager not wanting to enlist in the draft and being sentenced to prison for a little over a year. Once he got out he and a group of others decided that Costa Rica, as a warm climate with no military, would be a perfect place to live their lives. Though only 3 of the 44 knew how to speak English well, they found land high up in the area that was less prone to malaria and yellow fever and settled there. His community survived off its cheese producing company while he also adopted a 1 1/2 year old boy that was being poorly taken care of. He met his wife who we also got to meet and they have been together for over 50 years and seem extremely happy together. they called the town monteverde and the name stuck and spread throughout the area giving it its name.


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