Welcome to Isla Tortuga 

Today was an amazing day that I will never forget. We stared our day really early in order to make it on time to our beach destination. We had breakfast in the port and right after we set off to our destination. 

Isla Tortuga is about and hour and half away from the main land by boat. We did not mind at all the boat ride there as it allowed us to see the beautiful scenery and enjoy the wonderful hot weather. 

Once we arrived at Isla Tortuga we were told to remain in our camp site as the island is protected and only this part of the beach was accessible. Then we geared up for snorkeling. I’ve never been snorkeling because I can’t swim but I want to be active regardless of my limitation. 

I pushed away all my anxiety and jumped in the ocean. Unlike the rest of my peers who happily began swimming away I just floated and grabbed on to the platform. It was a bit more scarier than I thought it would be. A guide quickly came to help me and took me along to see the beautiful fish and creature below the water. I only put my head in the water a few times but I considered my first snorkling a success because I was not afraid to literally through myself in. I also want to thank my guide Antonio for helping me along and trying it point things out for me. 

After snorkeling we ate lunch and had a relaxing day at the beach. I did go on the banana and was thrown off  but that was fun as well. 

It was sad to leave paradise. I feel like time passed by so quick there. But I know for sure that one day I’ll be back in Isla Tortuga. 

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