Welcomed to the jungle

Today we go to visit La Tirimbina Rainforest reserve and take a nature walk with a tour guide. It was some-what similar to La Selva Biological station in a sense that they try to reserve as much as the forest as possible by not touching or disturbing anything that happens in it. This is also a non-profit organization that is a private effort of conservation. It is a National Wild Life Refuge that covers over 850 acres of land. Only 10% (5.5 miles) of the land is made of trails for education and tourism. Researchers also come here to study different animals, plants, and species among it. To get to most of the land we had to cross the longest hanging bridges in Costa Rica at over 800 feet long. They have achieved all 5 leaves for the Certification for sustainable tourism, and it surely showed throughout. The three aspects of their model of conservation are shown through education, ecotourism, and research. I thought it was really cool how they bring in classes from schools in the surrounding areas to do hands on learning to see in person what they are learning rather than just from a book in a classroom! 

We then grabbed lunch and got to go on a hike at the Arenal Volcano National Park. There were amazing views and the hike was sometimes made from the lava that had once come down from the top of volcano. We were shown how there is less diversity in plant species in this area becuase of what can thrive and survive through the volcanic activity, so there was lots of fewer kinds of plants. The weather was nice and breezy for a change and showed a tropical, scenic hike that was different than any hike i had been on before! 

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