Yay Bacon!!!! 

With both visits to Earth University and CATIE compared to the way of teaching back home is relatively different from one another. Both philosophies of facilitation at Earth University and Whittier College are similar in that the professors are not required to teach but to facilitate the students and aid them rather than just lecture. Earth University by far has more hands on opportunities and leadership building relatively to Whittier however the curriculum at Earth is very specific not like Whittier’s liberal arts program. CATIE on the other hand is the complete opposite of both Earth University and Whittier due to they way in which they prioritize. At CATIE the professors are addressed as researchers and the top priority is to complete research and to “teach” as second priority. With this I find it quite interesting in that when in a position to lead the students usually it is the most important and research come as a secondary importance. With CATIE it is the opposite and a very large disadvantage to the students who attend. 

On the other hand aside from CATIE’s untraditional prioritization, the cacao plant on campus had a more positive impression. While it is assumed that there are different species of the cacao plant they have the ability to be hybridized with grafting. The cacao is hybridized to build immunity of the plant itself to prevent insects from eating the cacao. When creating these hybrids, the grafting presses itself seems pretty simple. However it can be compared to botanical surgery. With this hybrid there is only an approximate of a 70% success rate of the hybrid trees.

Yay! Bacon. (Sorry vegetarians) 

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