Zip-a-dee YAY!!

Zip LININGGGGGGG & nuts!!! So the day began with breakfast at the ranch. Thank goodness we left that place! We ventured on the road which led us to a wonderful rest stop by the name of ‘Café & Macadamia’. As one would imagine since macadamias are my absolute favorite but I was ecstatic. I made sure I got some nuts but also picked up other delicacies such as a cinnamon bun and a huge chocolate cookie. This stop also had windmills because we are now on the pacific side of the country so it’s much drier and windier (much like CA) so theres wind powered electricity which is minuet compared to the hydropower on the Caribbean side (only 7%) but still much better than fossil fuel. Afterwords we had lunch at a restaurant in town which was lovely. The burgers had bacon and fries were very crispy. Directly after we continued on, the professors left us and most of the class went on to go zip lining! I’m a super adrenaline junkie so I was especially ready for this. I had never gone before but I was looking forward to it. I thought I would miss it but after they made it free I made sure to take advantage because it was definitely on my bucket list and I’m glad I did. It was so exciting! It was super cold at the top but once you started going it got warmer. There were even times we got to go in doubles #theMc(Murray)team, pretty sure they did that to speed us up, but it was still exciting nevertheless. You came in much faster with another person. On the last one down we could see the bus so me and Maddie screamed “Berto” (our awesome driver) & he was stepping out the bus, heard us & waved?I’ve never been afraid of heights so when you’re up and look down you can see just about everything, mountains, bushes and all. It was the most exhilarating thing and I hope I can do it again sometime. From the shop I got a shirt with a sloth that looks like it’s zip lining in my favorite color. It was one of the cheapest stores so far and I wish I bought more, only thing I regret but otherwise best experience ever!!! Afterward we came to our next hotel which might j day is not only much better than the last it’s the BEST BY FAR! It’s my favorite of all of them. Very homey feeling, but also really quaint with amazing views and rooms, hot water and NO BUGS!!! The only thing would be if there was wifi in the rooms but it’s so nice I could care less. There were indoor pools and first I was going to work on my presentation but a tree fell in the woods (how ironic) so the Internet was out. We made our way down to the jacuzzi/hot tub which helped warm up A LOT! We bonded and had really good conversation about music, whittier and everything in between. After we had dinner which was also spectacular, also the best by far, seasoning on POINT! Afterward a few students had a wonderful talk with professor Fissore about classes, school and life in general. We then went back to the reception and I took time to work on my presentation with my partner then stayed up debating important policies of life with classmates until 1AM. It was an eventful day. I wish we stayed here for 4 days because it was so nice I really enjoy it.

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