Zip-linin’ through CR with my woes

Though we didn’t have much academic events going on today, I sure am beat! We had breakfast at Rancho Margot and got right back on the road to our next destination. On the way we got a quick look at Lake Arenal Dam, and how it was a man made dam that had to evacuate over 2000 people from the property back in the 1970’s. At the time it was one of the biggest projects to be built to use hydroelectricity, but has since been outdone by the Reventazon and such. From there we made a pit stop and had an extremely long and bumpy 2.5 hour ride to Monte Verde. We got lunch at a delicious local restaurant and after got to go zip lining! At first this excursion was not included in our trip and we had to pay extra so i wasn’t planning on going, but after some minor hotel complications in the past few days the tour company paid for our whole class that wanted to go, and I am SO glad and grateful I got to have this experience here in Costa Rica! I have been zip-lining in Cancun so I thought it would be quite the same, but here we got to go on 8 different zip-lines from a high point of over 5,000 feet above sea level! The views were amazing gliding hundreds of feet in the air, even getting to go doubles on some of them! We then arrived to our hotel for the next two nights, Fonta vela, and got to enjoy the pool with my classmates and relax in our wonderful room with a view, pictures to come, I can’t believe this trip is almost over!!!!!

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