Zip Zip Zippy

Today we left Rancho Margot. After another morning yoga session, I quickly packed up my bag and scarfed down my last plate of pineapples and yogurt. We traveled north east out of the Carribian side of the country, and into the beautiful open regions leading to Monteverdè. We stopped at a cute little cafe that had an amazing view, some really great coffee, and the most delicious $4 pasteries. It’s remarkable to me how many little shops and cafes there are here. Each small business conteibutes to the economy of Costa Rica, and is ran with care. Here’s a picture of the amazing view from this cafe. If you look close enough you can see the windmills in the background on the hill. 
These wind power mills are one of many across the nation. The wind turbines are the second least impactful of energy generation, mostly because they generate less power during different seasons. 

After this we headed to zip lining. We took a Gandala up to the highest peak over 4,000 feet high. We took the longest tour down the mountain, each of us more excited and anxious than the next. When I first zipped down by myself and looked down on the tropical hills resting beneath me, I felt an exhilarating feeling I have never felt before. I was alive. I was free. I’ll never forget that feeling. What a day. 

Pura Vida 

Maggie Niemann 

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