After another morning of yoga and a filling breakfast, our group departed Rancho Margot for Monteverde, a small town that features an insanely large wildlife preserve. Today was mostly spent driving, except for one exciting exception: we got to go zip lining!

Riding up in the cable car to the top of the mountain, I realized how grossly I had underestimated the wind chill. I was wearing my windbreaker, but definitely should have brought a sweater. Thankfully, it warmed up as we zipped down the mountain, and by the third landing I was able to feel and move my fingers again.

The company we zipped was excellent, and one of our guides on the trip said it was the safest company he’s ever worked with. Rather than screwing the lines into trees, like many companies do, this company built permanent landing/launching structures. Not only does this save the trees from the stress of being drilled in to, its way safer for the rider, too. Screw holes can’t get stripped, and the wires are much more secure. I suppose this does lend a bit to the sustainability of the company and its goal of leaving the least impact on the areas of the mountain it utilizes. The latter was also demonstrated as a group of kwatis scurried by us during our demonstration portion of the ride; its very rare to see them at all, and they require a lot of natural forest. Their presence indicates that the company has had very little negative impact on the biodiversity of the area.

This post is a bit shorter; I’m absolutely wiped from zipping today. But fear not, tomorrow we visit the Monteverde Reserve, so there will be MUCH more available for dissemination.

Keep cool!

*no pics due to wifi constraints 🙁

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