Best day ever

We left Racho Margo and drove a few hours to a beautiful lake in La fortuna. There they had macadamian trees and a cafe that served baked goodies which looked incredible. We kept driving and saw windmills which were producing a lot of energy because it was so windy in that area. The lake was located in a valley and went through that valley certain times during the year, thus providing energy via the turbines. Adrianna said it only provided 7% of the country’s energy and the government is slowly becoming more and more interested in wind energy. The town of Monte Verde is also powered by the wind turbines. 

We had yummy lunch in town and then went off to Zip line! ?? best experience of my life. I had no idea it was going to be so intense and such an adrenaline rush. We zipped down eight different lines, some as long as 2,500 feet! And as high as 350 feet! Wow was it incredible. I couldn’t help to scream in fear but after a few zip lines it got more and more exciting! Towards the end I was able to turn to see the incredible view! Wow it was AMAZING. 

Our resort, Fonta Vela, is also gorgeous! omg we have an unbelievable view. Glad this trip is only getting better.


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